Company history

A photo of Shane Gilbert co fonder of SNL painting and more

Business history

SNL Painting and more, was formed in 2004 by Shane Gilbert. He thought he could bring an elevated level of professionalism, the highest quality craftsmanship, unmatched customer service, and a touch of class to the paint contracting business. In 2017 he continues to strive for those same goals.

In his history as the owner of SNL Painting, he has accomplished a great deal in terms of the size of the business, and has established and continues to improve on crucial business systems. One of the greatest accomplishments has been the growth and development of the employees. Going from a two-man operation to a staff of several painters, an office administrator, a production manager, and the owner is one of SNL’s biggest accomplishments, and that number continues to grow. The client base has increased almost non-stop from the inception, and adding employees to meet the rising workload has been (and still is) his number one challenge, but watching people’s personal development and seeing them mature as craftsmen is also the most rewarding experience. As with any business his efforts are ongoing, and Shane continues to learn and implement better strategies and systems each year.